Ill Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Ill Effects of Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction

A Recent study has shown that illegal drugs are abused by approximately 24 million people in America. According to the statistics of 2012, due to the prescription drugs overdose, nearly 22136 people have died. And 11% of the American population misuses drugs due to lack of good relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. In addition to this, about $ 607 billion is spent on health care, legal fees, and other damages caused by drugs. Not only that, abuse of drugs has increased child abuse, sexual abuse, and even criminal cases.

Those who use drugs continuously are surrounded by behavioral, mental disorders related problems. Their probability of getting involved in illegal activities increases. Because drugs are such chemicals if you use in an excessive amount, so this affects the user’s body, mental state, and behavior in different ways. And in many cases, it has also been found that even after the user stopped using drugs, its effect can remain permanently.

Health-related problems

It is true that due to continuous use of drugs, every organ of the body of the user is affected. As a result, the possibility of the death of the user can increase. Moreover, there are various short and long-term effects for the user of drugs. Not only this, it has direct and indirect effects also. But these effects depend on many things such as what type of drugs do you use, in which way the drugs are used, how many doses are taken, and how your health is.

When it comes to short-term effects, these effects can only be due to one-time consumption which includes problems like loss of appetite, insomnia, heart rate changes, blood pressure, and heart attack.

In fact, long-term drug use turns into addiction. Long-term effects include cardiovascular diseases, lung-related disorders, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, mental disorder, and cancer. In addition to all this, drug addiction is mainly mental illness because it first starts affecting the brain. Although the use of drugs does not even necessarily mean that all will be addicted to it but for some people, this affects so much that the work of their brain circuits is changed. Because of which it interferes with brain function. Although people eating food, the ability of sex, self-control, decision making, and in learning new things, normal pleasure is experienced but when these changes happen due to drugs, it is difficult for people to experience all of these. So when you want to quit the drugs, these changes force you to take it. Even with negative effects, it is difficult to quit drugs.

In addition to all, when it comes to indirect effects, it affects not only the user but all the people around him. Apart from you, your family is the most affected because addicted people are not often believed. They begin to steal and telling lie due to addiction which causes bitterness in family relationships. Not only this, the addict is running away from his responsibilities. Consequently, feelings of distrust and unrest increase in the family. It is natural to have instability in the family of the addict. Apart from this, it can affect nutrition. It reduces the ability to make decisions and gives rise to violent behavior.

Effects on the brain

Perhaps you have used the initial drug on your own wish but it has the power to alter brain chemistry which can interfere with any addict’s decision and your craving increases. As a result, you become addicted to drugs.

·         The reward circuit which is the main part of the limbic system is affected by the continuous use of drugs.

·         Drugs affected the reward circuit so much due to which high amount of dopamine is produced. Although it produces high euphoria, due to which you may feel excessive pleasure, it is harmful to your brain.

Behavioural and emotional problems

·         Paranoia

·         Hallucination

·         Mood swing

·         Irritability

·         Arguing with others

·         Anger

·         Impaired judgment

·         Telling lie

·         Hurting yourself

·         Loss of self-control

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Emotional instability

·         Theft

Apart from these, there are various effects which have a direct and indirect effect on the life of the addict but the good news is that there can also be a return from this stage. And for this, you have to be committed to recovery. If the condition is very serious we recommend you to contact to rehab centers for better guidance.

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