Celebs Who Overcame Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Celebrities who got rid of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Headlines are created in the media when drug or alcohol addiction is disclosed in Hollywood. Perhaps it’s because they like to show celebrities in a suffering state due to which their life becomes worse. Still, not all celebrities are found permanently in these headlines. However, overcoming any addiction can be a difficult task and especially when you are a celebrity because of being in constant public eyes stress increases even more. As a result, things seem to be difficult. But many of them are celebrities who have overcome their addiction and they are living a better life today. We’ve compiled a list of those who have achieved success in it.

Celebs Who Overcame Drug & Alcohol Addiction

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1). Robert Downey Jr.-

Robert’s addiction recovery was one of the most publicized stories. When Robert Downey was six, he used marijuana for the first time with the permission of his father. And both of them started using drugs. Although it strengthened the emotional bond of both, it made Downey a daily drinker too.

In the 80’s, he started his career as an actor from “Saturday Night Live”. In 1992, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in biopic Chaplin. And his career was on the heights by 1996 but then his career was in danger when he was arrested for the possession of heroin and cocaine and he had to go to jail many times. After which he was fired from many acting roles and Hollywood banned him unless he quits all these addictions.

Eventually, in 2003, his wife Susan Downey gave him an ultimatum after that he succeeded in overcoming all addictions through the 12-step program, meditation, yoga, and therapies from some luxury rehab drug rehab centers. At that time he was so poor that he joined the rehab center without any insurance. From there, Robert started his career again and starred in films such as Gothika, A Scanner Darkly, Zodiac and Kiss, Bang-Bang and Iron Man.

2). Trent Reznor

Reznor is known as a famous songwriter, musician, and producer. In 1990, Rezner achieved fame in his career but since then he became addicted to cocaine and alcohol. He considers the stress of his stardom as the reason for chemical dependence. He said in an interview that after being famous, he was not at a point where he could handle this addiction. The only way to fix problems related to addiction in their approach was self-medicate.

But he later came to know that his consumption of drugs is making the problems more complicated, and then he took the help of rehabilitation center and in 2001 made himself drug-free. After coming out from rehab he withdraws from oxycodone at his home only. Finally, again he upgraded his career.

3). Eminem-

Eminem is a rapper who was previously suffering from painkillers and other drugs. According to him, he was so addicted to it; he used to take 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills a day. In addition, he consumed methadone overdose in 2007. And the most shocking thing was when doctors told him that he had consumed nearly 4 bags of heroin.

And by then he had severely affected by addiction, as a result, he decided to enroll at the rehab center on the advice of his friend Elton John. According to Mr. Mathers, after a few months of recovery, he has been living an addiction-free life since 2008.

4). Ben Affleck-

Ben Affleck is considered to be a very famous actor still he also had to suffer the effects of drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction which greatly affected his acting career. He disclosed in an interview that he had started drinking alcohol since childhood after seeing his drunken father. But when he felt the effects of addiction, for getting out of it, took help from alcohol rehabilitation center in 2001.

Eventually, after nine-month hard work, he achieved a sober life. He credits his family and friends because they had encouraged him to overcome addiction. According to Ben, we should not feel any shame in getting help.

5). Drew Barrymore-

Drew is considered the most famous among the last 25 years of actresses. She started acting only at the age of 5 but along with that, she had started smoking cigarettes. Not only this, at the age of 9 to 12, she had begun drinking alcohol and consuming cocaine. But all these addictions were inherited from her family due to which when she was 14, the help of rehabilitation center was taken to get rid of addictions.

However, she also tried suicide several times in the rehab center but since then she is living a sober life and never was a victim of a relapse which is the most inspiring example for us.

6). Demi Lovato-

Demi is also a famous actress with a famous singer. She disclosed in an interview that she started consuming alcohol and drugs in her childhood. And she had so affected with the addiction that she tried to commit suicide only at the age of 12. However, she spent a lot of money on addiction but when parents began to oppose it, she often fought with parents. As a result, the conditions became very complicated.

Finally, she decided to go to the rehab center. In 2012, she was drunk for the last time. Since then she has been living an addiction-free life and has come to us as a successful actress.

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